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All in One Package

Dual Radio OCTBTS-3500

Support All EU Mobile Phone Bands

Supports all Protocols including 2G, 3G and 4G, GSM/UMTS and LTE

Can Interrogate any Two Protocols Simultaneously

Fully Adjustable Output power

Fully filtered to prevent interference

Includes Dual Antennas

Lightweight ÔÇô 6 kg

Battery Powered ÔÇô Any configuration 12-30V with polarity protection

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Technical specifications

The CA-BTS9505 is a self-contained full functional Dual Software Defined Radio Mobile Phone control system that provides IMSI/IMEI catching along with various cellphone control applications. The system comes complete with a filtered amplification system providing up to 5 watts of continuous output power. Utilizing special filtering, the system supports all frequencies and any protocols that the OCTBTS-3500 produces. Dual antennas allow maximum versatility. The CA-BTS9505 unit includes the OCTBTS-3500, amplifier system, special filtering, dual antennas, cable connections, and specified encasing (see below)

Available Configurations:

CA-BTS9505 -EU-LAP EU System in Laptop bag w/Antennas
CA-BTS9505-US-LAP USA System in Laptop bag w/Antennas
CA-BTS9505 -EU-BP EU System inserted into Back Pack w/Antennas
CA-BTS9505 -US-BP USA System inserted into Back Pack w/Antennas
CA-BTS9505 -EU-PC EU System in Pelican Case w/Antennas
CA-BTS9505 -US-PC USA System in Pelican Case w/Antennas
CA-BTS9505 -EU-RACK EU Rack mounted System
CA-BTS9505 -US-RACK US Rack mounted System
CA-BTS9505 -CUST Custom Frequencies

More information:

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