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CA-STINGER : Mobile Phone Control / Portable IMSI Grabber

2G / 3G / 4G Natively GSM UMTS LTE FDD

Easy to use JAVA GUI

Dual Radio SDR supports ALL mobile operations from 450Mhz -3GHz

Cascade capability to allow multiple radios for complex networks


Remote Monitoring Capable through WAN

IMSI / IMEI reporting

GPS Location Assist Information

Low power consumption

Package options include drone, briefcase and rack mountings

Customizable for customer requirements

Can be expanded for use in Distributed Antenna Systems

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Technical specifications

CellAntennaÔÇÖs STINGER is a battery powered IMSI/IMEI identification solution supporting all standards GSM/UMTS/LTE natively. The system will capture the identity of the subscriber in seconds logging the time, date and location. An operator using any computer platform including Smartphones with a secured Wi-Fi link controls the system using a customizable GUI enabling the user to interact with the system identifying, controlling and tracking mobile phones in the targeted mobile phone network area. The STINGER scans the network for beacons, and then performs fishing activities which detect mobile phones on 2G 3G and 4G networks.

The system operates stealthily and can be manually or automatically controlled. Once detected the mobile phoneÔÇÖs information is reported back to the user and can be uploaded to the cloud or kept onboard. Once installed the STINGERÔÇÖs additional features can be deployed including denial of service, power manipulation, locating, detecting a mobile phone Call Forward through SIP, along with other monitoring capabilities. A full DAS solution for secure buildings using the STINGER can be deployed using CellAntennaÔÇÖs RF technology.

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